The Longest Dungeon

Session 8
Our first death

Well we had our first “party death” but everyone is now level 5.

Kalhiss the Lizardman bravely pushed his way into the room and lead the party to victory over the swarms on Fiendish Rats. Even when he was gravely wounded he pushed his way into the room and was over come by the vast number of rats.

Slissth the Druid is now the lone surviving Lizardfolk.

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Opening game notes

In a land where war has raged for generations a group of adventurers has been called together by the supreme wizard, Gyrophix.

“I have call you here to complete a very import task. I would not normally have called such an inexperienced group such as we have here but all of our experienced adventurers are away fighting the war at this critical time………..

We have had a very unfortunate incident; a month ago we had a visit from a nasty sorcerer named Longtail and his imp. They stole some information that at the time we did not understand how important it was.

I dispatched a ranger to track down Longtail. He was on his trail that lead to the Vast. The ranger, Teleman, has not contacted me in over a week. Teleman has a stone, that looks like this one".

He shows the group a small blue stone with white wavy lines.
“My last communication he told me that Longtail had amassed an army of orc’s, goblins, kobolds and other such creatures and was heading for an area in the vast”
“Teleman had captured a number of creatures from Longtail’s army that have passed on some information, but we are unclear as to where and why Longtail is heading for the Vast but we do know that he is up to no good and there is talk amongst his troops that he is going to find a place of great power and release beasts upon the world which will change the
We suspect that Longtail is a were creature and has high ambition and must be very charismatic to hold together this diverse force of humanoids and keep them together.”

I will cast a spell that will take you to near the communication stone and hopefully Teleman. Aid him as much as you can you will be under his command.
If something untoward has happened to Teleman find the communication stone and contact me and I will give you further instructions. (shows you how to use the stone)

To aid you on your mission I have some powerful equipment to give to you.
• 5 x Potions of cure light wounds
• A staff with a Permanent Light spell on a gem set in the top.
• A spell book (full of spells)
• Master work weapons of players choosing
• Lanterns and Oil
• 4 x bottles of Acid
• 2 x bottles of Alchemist’s fire
• 4 weeks food, Trial Rations
• A rod of create food and water level 1
I now have time for a few questions but must be off in 10 minutes to a council meeting.


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